These are some of the projects contributing, extending, or using Jason:

  • Multi-agent computational models of dynamic systems for learning, simulation and control, using Jason. See this paper.
  • JaCaDDM is an agent-based Distributed Data Mining system founded on the Agents and Artifacts paradigm, conceived to design, implement, deploy, and evaluate distributed learning strategies.
  • MUSA is a middleware for user-driven service adaptation, implemented in Jason.
  • A framework that can be used to deploy multiple concurrent Jason agents in complex Second Life simulations is described in this paper.
  • TuCSoN4Jason is a Java library enabling Jason agents to exploit TuCSoN coordination services wrapped as Jason internal actions.
  • Jason-ROS is a modular interface between Jason, CArtAgO, and ROS.
  • Rason is an interface between Jason and ROS.
  • Siebog is a multi-agent middleware that enables Jason agents to run in Java EE environments.
  • JILDT is a library that provides a learning mechanism based on induction of Logical Decision Trees.
  • Vinícius Müller developed an architecture for building interactive dramas available here.
  • Andreas Schmidt Jensen and Jørgen Villadsen have developed an interface between Jason and LEGO robots, available here.
  • Daniel Kiss and Brian Logan have an alternative implementation of annotations and a module system, available here.
  • Some really brave folks are porting the whole of Jason to C/C++! See here.
  • The Extrospective Agent project uses Cartago and Jason.
  • CASO is a project extending AgentSpeak with constraint solving.
  • TankCoders is a 3D environment where agents are run using Jason.
  • The Talos project (on self-organisation) also used Jason.
  • There is a Jason plug-in for eclipse, developed by Maicon Rafael Zatelli, available here. An older version, developed by Germano Fronza, is available here.
  • Iain Wallace extended Jason with a version of the ESB reasoner (described in this paper) combined with a model checker for a project on social and practical reasoning.
  • Felipe Meneguzzi has various projects extending Jason here.
  • Graçaliz Dimuro used Jason in projects related to probabilistic reasoning.
  • J-MADeM is now available for download in the tools area of the Jason download page.
  • The MADeM project on multi-modal decision making is using Jason, see this paper
  • JASDL is a programming approach combining agent-oriented programming and semantic web technologies, developed by Tom Klapiscak.
  • The Jason-Cartago combination has generated two excellent projects:
  • There is an interface between Jason and Cartago, available here.
  • J-Moise allows Jason agents to use Moise+ organisations (available with the Jason distribution).

If you know of other projects using or extending Jason, please let us know.